The people you meet on the trails!

This last summer I was able to visit a few of our National parks in between my house sitting jobs. I had the pleasure of seeing Olympic national park, Glacier national park, and Mt. Rainier national park.  One thing about national parks is they are quite crowded!! Campgrounds hard to get into , trails crowded. The most crowded of these 3 was Glacier National park. I had to get in line at 4:30 a.m to get a campsite and I was 3rd in line at that time. Trails were bustling with people. I thought that would really bother me in the beginning , however these places are so beautiful that it just got to be something I got used to _MG_2988IMG_3289

Really what this post is about is the interesting people you see and meet on the trails. 

For some reason, in Olympic national park we saw lots of people from India and the lady’s would be dressed in their beautiful sari’s and out hiking the trails ! I wish I had gotten a photo of some of them . I just love the colorful clothing .

In Glacier and Mt. Ranier I saw more Japanese and Chinese. These folks have endurance and the children don’t seem to complain at all while hiking a 10 mile hike . I mean tiny tots of 5 years old just plugging along with Mom and Dad , Grandpa and Grandma. No whining , no fussing. Climbing up big inclines , on 8-10 mile hikes. Some of them hiking all the while in those little slip on tennis shoes that barely have a sole. Some people I saw in flip flop doing long trails. Some with just a tiny bottle of water in their hands.  Then come the American hikers in the decked out hiking gear. All the latest in hiking clothing, the best of boots, the full packs , the camelbacks, etc. 

Of course you also get the totally overweight and out of shape but yet determined folks and the elderly doing what are quite strenuous hikes. One couple I talked to in their mid 80’s going up the Wonderland trail at Mt. Rainier. That one had me huffing and puffing. 

I saw lady’s in heals (altho only on the lower parts of the trails), a woman a couple miles up the trail carrying a cup of coffee and no water. 

I am not trying to say that one group or the other is doing it the right way. Just an observation I made of all the different types at the national parks . Many of them most likely checking one more place off their bucket list , just like myself. 

 Then you also get the guys swimming in the glaciers at Glacier national park. This was not an easy thing to get this photo op. This guy  had to get out there aways in the ice water and then climb up onto a chunk of ice to get this photo ! And then scramble out quickly before having coronary arrest ! 


Glacier National park.

Glacier National park is so very beautiful. I will let the photos speak for theirselves.

Some of these are from the Highline trail and some are around Lake McDonald in the Many glacier area.

Unfortunately , it was smokey some days so the sky does not always look as blue as it would on a normal day.

As far as wildlife. I was lucky to see Moose, Mountain goat, Bighorn sheep and Marmot.


One off my bucket list. Glacier National Park .

Glacier National park was a place to see for me . It was on my bucket list. I passed thru there when I was 15 years old with my parents and was in awe of it. Always wanted to go back.

This summer I had 3 and a half weeks in between some house sit jobs. I decided to travel and explore Washington and Montana. Unfortunately , Washington was on fire in early August when I set out so pushed on to Montana. Fires in Montana as well but Glacier was not to bad. Some days smokey , some days clear.

Spent 9 days in Glacier national park and took many hikes and many photos so this will be a series of posts .


What can I say. One only has to look at these photos to see the beauty of this place. The top left photo is of Grinnell Glacier. In 1906 Glacier National park had 120 glaciers. There are now 26 and they are rapidly melting.  I heard that Grinnell glacier used to be huge but as you can see, it is now chunks of ice. On the right is one of many beautiful hiking trails. Next photo is the ever funny, quirky looking Moose. Next to that is the beautiful and old St. Mary’s lodge in many Glacier. Next photo is Lake McDonald.

I looked online before going to see about the camping and most of it was first come, first serve and I read that one must get in line at 5 a.m to get a spot. Very true in August. I got in line at 4:30 a.m and was the 3rd in line. By 6:00 the line was about 12 cars.  I think 4 or 5 of us got campsites. Glacier is crowded but so beautiful that you don’t even care. And a lot of the trails you just need to get a couple miles in before the crowd thins out.



Hidden lake. So beautiful. It wraps around the mountain .

_MG_2832This guy thought it might be fun to surf the frozen waters ! Ha Ha. He about had a heart attack from the cold.  This is at Grinnell glacier.

More to come….

My summer House sitting and exploring. Washington on fire !!

I finally got my photos working on my computer after 3 visits with an Apple genius bar. Yea!!

Anyways, I can now post about the summer I had of house sitting and sight seeing. I wrote about my first house sit in Edmonds. Then onto Olympic National park for a few days.

After Olympic National park it was on to a  week long house sit in Monroe with the cute little kitty named Shift. I watched Shift for a week in a very large , nice Motor home that was parked in a lovely park along a river. This cat was a 4 month old main coon and looked like a full grown kitty. Very rambunctious fellow.  But, sweet and loving as well.


While watching Shift I did a day trip to the lovely town of Leavenworth, Washington. It is a Bavarian themed town. Very cute. Lots of flowers all over, Bavarian food, beer, wineries, shops, etc..20170729_154258fullsizeoutput_16e7

After taking care of Shift. I was In-between  house sits and had 3 and a half weeks free. I wanted to see some of the upper cascades in Washington and do some camping and hiking but due to so many fires I did not do any camping in Washington in August. it was so smokey you could not even get out of the car without ash falling all over you. I had a hard time breathing in it so I pushed right on thru what looked like a beautiful area . I decided  after a long day driving to spend the night in Colville,Washington in a hotel as I did not want to camp in the awful smoke !! They just happened to be having a weekend event called Rendevous days with music, vendors ,etc… Looked like some good music so I stayed 2 nights. It was a fun little event. But, the smoke never cleared up.

Well, Montana has been a must see for me with Glacier National park being on my bucket list of places to go. So, hoping for the best as far as clean air, I pushed on. I did however spend one night in Libby , Montana on the way and went to these beautiful waterfalls just out of Libby.  Kootenai falls and swinging bridge. The bridge is not for those who have a fear of heights! It really does swing when you are walking over it.  Beautiful river ! Libby seemed like a very quiet town but an abundance of beauty surrounds it.

Next post will be about Glacier.  In fact the next 2 or 3 posts will be about Glacier. I spent 9 days there and did several hikes, saw lots of wildlife. Beautiful place !

Orcas and Eagles

One of the things I did while in Seattle earlier this summer was to go on a whale watching expedition . I was house sitting for 3 weeks in Edmonds, Washington.

I bought a Groupon (if you don’t know Groupon, you should ! Half price on all kinds of wonderful stuff ! ). So, the whale watch was out of Anacortes , Washington which is up near the San Juan islands. Beautiful area.

We went out about an hour and a half before we saw anything. The boat crew came around and talked to people , telling them about whales, the islands ,etc. Very informative crew.

Orcas, or killer whales, are the largest of the dolphins and one of the world’s most powerful predators. They feast on marine mammals such as seals, sea lions, and even whales, employing teeth that can be four inches long. They are known to grab seals right off the ice. They also eat fish, squid, and seabirds. we saw the small pod of Orca’s ! Beautiful !!! I had seen whales before along the California coast but never Orca’s . Wow, so majestic.


We where also blessed to see Golden Eagle and Bald Eagle.

Beautiful day and another great buy from Groupon.

Olympic National park. Washington

I have been to a few National parks this summer , in between house sits. I loved each and every one of them. Some crowded !! Some not so bad.

Going to start with a few photos of Olympic National park. My friend from Reno, Nv. came up and met me and we only had 5 days to camp as I was moving on to another house sit but I really loved Olympic. Very pristine coastline, beautiful raging waterfalls, old growth forest, views that go on forever. Over all it was pristine, beautiful and not so crowded.


These photos above are from Hurricane Ridge. Wow !! When you get there after driving up a very windy road you get these 360 views. I felt like bursting out ” The hills are alive with music “”, you know, the song from Sound of music . It is that beautiful. fullsizeoutput_14d


The next few photos are from 2 beach areas we went to. Ruby beach and 3rd beach. So pristine and not crowded.  Saw some bald eagles overhead. Beautiful day !! Slightly cool and windy but the clouds in the sky made it all the more spectacular.



The last group of photos are from Sol duc waterfalls and up to a lake above the falls. Nice 6 mile round trip hike to Deer lake. Lots of old growth forest.


Olympic National park may seem a bit out of the way to some but I would highly recommend it as a place to spend a week or 2 . Looks like there is a lot of nice back packing for those who want to get out on the trail.  Lots of nice trails for day hikers and beautiful, pristine coastline for beach lovers. We camped at Mora campground which was near the ocean . Very nice spot.

What is going on with this blog??

Hi anyone who may be reading !!! Ever since I got a new computer after spilling coffee all over the old one at the beginning of summer, I have had problems with it. Mac !! First off, I had thousands of photos stored on Carbonite (online back up ) and I also had a back up hard drive. Both of which failed me !!! Carbonite only restored my photos from back up to early 2016 and I had some AWESOME photos of Lake Tahoe since I house sat there for 4 months during of one of the biggest snowfall winters for years and years !!! . Then my hard drive back up failed and did not work at all when trying to retrieve photos from it.

So, when I post on the blog I like to add photos with my stories and I am having a hell of a time getting the photos I do have onto this blog. I don’t think it is a blog problem but a computer problem as my photos are for some reason in several places on my computer ! Ughhh…. I have been so frustrated.

So, I have been house sitting and traveling all summer. Been from Seattle to Cascades to Glacier National park, Flathead lakes, Mt. Ranier and am now at a 5 week house sit in Vancouver which will give me time to see the computer experts. Hopefully get this straightened out

Meanwhile , here are a few photos of some of my house sit jobs thru the summer. I have managed to get some photos on here. Its been a lovely summer. Altho , I did spend some time trying to stay out of the smoke. So many fires !!!

Shift the 4 month old main Coon. Huge for a kitten. Sweet, playful, crazy guy, Chicken lady who took a liking to me. She is in my lap here. Bigfoot !! and Shift again.

I am going to Apple Store tomorrow. Hopefully they will help me with the computer ! and I can post more about my whirlwind summer. I really want to share the photos with the stories.

Polson Montana is my kind of town.

I came into Polson a couple days ago , mainly to check out a Blues festival . I have been camping since last pet sit that ended August 4th, with a Airbnb or hotel now and then. Camped 9 days at Glacier National park . Photos coming in next post. I have not had internet much so just posting this one now about Polson as I am still here. When I came it was smokey so instead of camping I got a room at the Port Polson inn. Nice place and across from Flathead lake. Went to walk thru the town on Thursday night and found a party going on with music, and lots of very friendly people out on the street. I even made some friends who I later met up with at the Flathead Blues Festival.

The wind kicked in and the air cleared up as you can see in photos.

On Friday I went out to take a look at the Kerr Damm, where the Flathead river comes into Flathead lake. Beautiful area. Walked thru the small town and ran into a farmers market which had some lovely veggies and fruit. After staying in Glacier for 9 days, I must say I was craving veggies as the store there did not have much at all !! Oh yes, took many photos of Glacier which I will post in another post soon. I am having some computer problems and hope to get that all worked out when I get to Vancouver , Washington for my next house sit at the end of this month .

Later in the eve I met with my  new friends at the Blues festival. Not all blues but a nice show with beautiful setting.

Today it was pretty hot so I went swimming in the lake . Wonderful temperature.

Getting ready now to go to the second day of the Bluesfest. And it is another beautiful evening out.

What I like about Polson:

Beautiful area with a lot of outdoor recreation.

Super friendly people

Small town .

Lots of fun music going on all around Flathead lake in the summer months. Something I really enjoy.

Here are some photos of the area. I love the big open sky of Montana.

Blues festival above with Awesome sunset.

Kerr dam and countryside photo.

On the way to Polson, Montana  I stopped off in Whitefish, Montana  which is another lovely town. Reminds me of my hometown Truckee California .

Here are a few photos of Whitefish. Mountain town with a funky feel to it. Lots of nice coffee shops and restaurants.

Launching into a new era of my life.

I am an adventurous woman with 60 some years behind me.  I have lived in Truckee , ca. for most of the last 42 years. I also, lived in Santa Cruz , Ca.from 1998 to 1995 and then in a small RV for 2 years (1996 and 1997)  traveling the states. Traveling without the cell phone and internet. Can you imagine that? I believe cell phones had just come out around then but they were very big boxy things and very expensive to use !

After the RV expedition, I settled back in Truckee. Would have lived in the RV longer but I found myself facing breast cancer and actually had it twice over the last 20 years . As I settled back into Truckee, I started to volunteer at the local shelter and picked up a menagerie of pets. I also ran a vacation home cleaning business. So, pretty tied down for the last 18 years.

In 2016 I lost the last 4 of my pets to old age disease’s . After this loss I started watching other peoples pets (something I had actually done for awhile ) , and with no pets of my own, I started house sitting. After 6 months of house sitting at Lake Tahoe and in Truckee, I decided to move out of my place and go somewhat nomad for awhile. Have always wanted to travel more , this seemed the perfect time.

My initial plan was to get an RV and live in it. But, I have been house sitting so much that I decided to hold off for now on the RV and just go road traveling, camping and house sitting. Maybe pick up the RV later.  I currently have quite a few house sits lined up and some that I got thru a worldwide house sitting website.

So, the last month or so I have been moving out of my apartment of 18 years. Stressful to say the least. Especially since I am moving no where in particular but into my car and on to housesitting for who knows how long.

After weeks of sorting, selling, giving away , and storing stuff I am finally ready and leave tomorrow for my 1st house sit in a new area. Washington state.

I know I stored way to much stuff and will most likely come back in 5 months and get rid of more. I just found it hard making decisions on stuff.

These photos are taken at the pond near the house I lived in for 18 years. I have to say I will miss my walks there. However, I feel the need to fly !

Oh by the way. I am kind of new to blogging so bear with me and please come along on this journey !