Housesit in Edmonds, Washington

When I planned my grand getaway I was thinking along the lines of getting an RV and traveling that way but then I found some house sitting websites and started lining up some house sits for the summer. 3 in Washington state. Don’t have that RV yet but still planning to get one.

I am here in Edmonds , Washington at my first house sit. 9 chickens, 2 cats, and 2 bunnies. Pretty easy animals to care for. Feed and water them all, clean litter boxes for bunnies and cats, scoop out chicken coop once in awhile.

Edmonds is a quaint little town. I have to admit that when I got here there was a lot of traffic from Seattle. Edmonds is only about 20 miles from downtown Seattle. But , Edmonds is a quaint little waterfront town. I love walking the waterfront which if you go one end it another and back is about a 3.5 mile walk. I also found a yoga center to go to that has a new client deal for $20 for 20 days. Perfect as I am here for 3 weeks. And , I love yoga.

Meet Bigfoot and lovely chicken. I don’t know this little chickens name but she was so cute and jumped up on my lap while I was eating watermelon and giving them all some pieces of it. Bigfoot is a cool cat. I like watching the chickens. They are quite full of personality.

Stay tuned for tales of Whales, Eagles, and a fiasco with the chickens . Coming soon.

6 thoughts on “Housesit in Edmonds, Washington

  1. Hi Sue, I’m enjoying your blog and hope you will keep writing. I came here from RV Sue whom I have followed since she began in 2011. My hubby and I have been camping for many years and have traveled all over the US and a little of Canada. We started with a popup trailer, then went to a fiberglass egg which we loved. Three years ago we bought a Class C RV to have more comfort on long trips. We miss the egg trailer though and will probably sell our motor home and go back to a simpler trailer.

    Are you on Facebook? If so, there’s a page called The Silver Tent that you might want to join. It’s for wild, wise and adventurous women over 50. Many of them housesit, too.


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  2. I’m from RV Sue too! I couldn’t resist another adventurer blog. I am 56 and my kids are 20 and will be on their own before I know it, so I am considering the vagabond life, at least for a while. I love the idea of pet/house sitting – it would be an ideal thing for me and I love camping so that would be cool in between.


  3. Sounds like a cool way to travel! I housesit sometimes for a friend who has a house on Lake Michigan. Didn’t know thete was a website gor getting housesitting jobs! Keep writing! I also camp in a tent with my dog. Usually only 3 nights at a time though.


  4. Hi Marcia , Janet and Dawn. All of a sudden I have people reading my blog. I will soon post an update . Have done a lot since last posting so have a few updates to post. Problem with tent camping is that even when I do have internet , my computer dies out fast . Have not had much internet for a couple weeks tho as I spent 10 days in Glacier National park.


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