Launching into a new era of my life.

I am an adventurous woman with 60 some years behind me.  I have lived in Truckee , ca. for most of the last 42 years. I also, lived in Santa Cruz , Ca.from 1998 to 1995 and then in a small RV for 2 years (1996 and 1997)  traveling the states. Traveling without the cell phone and internet. Can you imagine that? I believe cell phones had just come out around then but they were very big boxy things and very expensive to use !

After the RV expedition, I settled back in Truckee. Would have lived in the RV longer but I found myself facing breast cancer and actually had it twice over the last 20 years . As I settled back into Truckee, I started to volunteer at the local shelter and picked up a menagerie of pets. I also ran a vacation home cleaning business. So, pretty tied down for the last 18 years.

In 2016 I lost the last 4 of my pets to old age disease’s . After this loss I started watching other peoples pets (something I had actually done for awhile ) , and with no pets of my own, I started house sitting. After 6 months of house sitting at Lake Tahoe and in Truckee, I decided to move out of my place and go somewhat nomad for awhile. Have always wanted to travel more , this seemed the perfect time.

My initial plan was to get an RV and live in it. But, I have been house sitting so much that I decided to hold off for now on the RV and just go road traveling, camping and house sitting. Maybe pick up the RV later.  I currently have quite a few house sits lined up and some that I got thru a worldwide house sitting website.

So, the last month or so I have been moving out of my apartment of 18 years. Stressful to say the least. Especially since I am moving no where in particular but into my car and on to housesitting for who knows how long.

After weeks of sorting, selling, giving away , and storing stuff I am finally ready and leave tomorrow for my 1st house sit in a new area. Washington state.

I know I stored way to much stuff and will most likely come back in 5 months and get rid of more. I just found it hard making decisions on stuff.

These photos are taken at the pond near the house I lived in for 18 years. I have to say I will miss my walks there. However, I feel the need to fly !

Oh by the way. I am kind of new to blogging so bear with me and please come along on this journey !




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