Polson Montana is my kind of town.

I came into Polson a couple days ago , mainly to check out a Blues festival . I have been camping since last pet sit that ended August 4th, with a Airbnb or hotel now and then. Camped 9 days at Glacier National park . Photos coming in next post. I have not had internet much so just posting this one now about Polson as I am still here. When I came it was smokey so instead of camping I got a room at the Port Polson inn. Nice place and across from Flathead lake. Went to walk thru the town on Thursday night and found a party going on with music, and lots of very friendly people out on the street. I even made some friends who I later met up with at the Flathead Blues Festival.

The wind kicked in and the air cleared up as you can see in photos.

On Friday I went out to take a look at the Kerr Damm, where the Flathead river comes into Flathead lake. Beautiful area. Walked thru the small town and ran into a farmers market which had some lovely veggies and fruit. After staying in Glacier for 9 days, I must say I was craving veggies as the store there did not have much at all !! Oh yes, took many photos of Glacier which I will post in another post soon. I am having some computer problems and hope to get that all worked out when I get to Vancouver , Washington for my next house sit at the end of this month .

Later in the eve I met with my  new friends at the Blues festival. Not all blues but a nice show with beautiful setting.

Today it was pretty hot so I went swimming in the lake . Wonderful temperature.

Getting ready now to go to the second day of the Bluesfest. And it is another beautiful evening out.

What I like about Polson:

Beautiful area with a lot of outdoor recreation.

Super friendly people

Small town .

Lots of fun music going on all around Flathead lake in the summer months. Something I really enjoy.

Here are some photos of the area. I love the big open sky of Montana.

Blues festival above with Awesome sunset.

Kerr dam and countryside photo.

On the way to Polson, Montana  I stopped off in Whitefish, Montana  which is another lovely town. Reminds me of my hometown Truckee California .

Here are a few photos of Whitefish. Mountain town with a funky feel to it. Lots of nice coffee shops and restaurants.

4 thoughts on “Polson Montana is my kind of town.

  1. By the way, I am still learning to blog and would love to find out how to use up more of the page and to make the photos larger on my post. Any answers would be appreciated.


  2. You’re using WordPress….right? I use it too. When you ‘insert media’ you should have a spot over on the right that will say whether to put it in the center, left or right, and also whether you wanted it to be thumbnail, medium, large etc.

    You can also do tiles, like it looks like you did here…or a slide show, if you do a gallery.

    Play around with it, you’ll get it figured out! I never learned how to put a video in the blog, but I think you can do that too.

    Lovely pictures of what looks like two nice towns!

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    1. Thanks Dawn. I will play around with it more when I get to my next place . Will be camping for the next 6 days so not sure if I will be able to do much during that time. My computer dies out quick.
      Yes, Both of these towns are great !! I want to come back to Montana and spend more time. Maybe next spring or summer.


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