What is going on with this blog??

Hi anyone who may be reading !!! Ever since I got a new computer after spilling coffee all over the old one at the beginning of summer, I have had problems with it. Mac !! First off, I had thousands of photos stored on Carbonite (online back up ) and I also had a back up hard drive. Both of which failed me !!! Carbonite only restored my photos from back up to early 2016 and I had some AWESOME photos of Lake Tahoe since I house sat there for 4 months during of one of the biggest snowfall winters for years and years !!! . Then my hard drive back up failed and did not work at all when trying to retrieve photos from it.

So, when I post on the blog I like to add photos with my stories and I am having a hell of a time getting the photos I do have onto this blog. I don’t think it is a blog problem but a computer problem as my photos are for some reason in several places on my computer ! Ughhh…. I have been so frustrated.

So, I have been house sitting and traveling all summer. Been from Seattle to Cascades to Glacier National park, Flathead lakes, Mt. Ranier and am now at a 5 week house sit in Vancouver which will give me time to see the computer experts. Hopefully get this straightened out

Meanwhile , here are a few photos of some of my house sit jobs thru the summer. I have managed to get some photos on here. Its been a lovely summer. Altho , I did spend some time trying to stay out of the smoke. So many fires !!!

Shift the 4 month old main Coon. Huge for a kitten. Sweet, playful, crazy guy, Chicken lady who took a liking to me. She is in my lap here. Bigfoot !! and Shift again.

I am going to Apple Store tomorrow. Hopefully they will help me with the computer ! and I can post more about my whirlwind summer. I really want to share the photos with the stories.

8 thoughts on “What is going on with this blog??

  1. You have such an interesting lifestyle! I think it would be great to be a month or more in a spot and then move to a new spot but also have indoor plumbing (v.s. camping in a tent and doing the same move around thing.) Hope you figure the computer problem out. I can’t believe your back up and your hard drive both failed!


  2. Thank you Dawn. It has been interesting. And I am going to get this blog moving along. Yea, it sucked to have both back ups fail I lost tons of photos altho I still have the old computer and may see if they can get anything off the hard drive from it.


    1. Wow Sue……I just stumbled on your site because Sue Wanderings sounded like someone who was doing something maybe similar to me. I was blown away when your story about yourself said you were from Truckee, CA….wow what a small world. I grew up in Truckee. My parents moved us there when I was in 1st grade, I graduated from Truckee High in 1977. Got married and moved to guess where? Washington in 1980…..spent a few years in Gardiner just before you get to Sequim. My mom syill lives there on her property. Eventually bought a home in Gig Harbor and spent 28 years there raising 3 kids. Familiar with much of the Puget Sound, Mr Rainier, Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Forest, etc. My kids grew up, my husband passed away…..way to young in 2006. Decided in 2015 to uproot and go live life traveling but still needing to work. I’m 58 by the way and live out of my RV and currently living and working at the Grand Canyon and living it. I look forward to following your blog and staying in touch. I started a blog myself and have a lot of postings, but got so busy I’ve fallen way behind. I’ll be back in touch and link you to mine…..called trailer travels…..my last name is Trailer.


      1. Hi Sherry! That is great !! We must have a lot in common. I moved to Truckee in 1972 and in fact drove a school bus for 2 years . I don’t remember the exact years but may have been while you where still in High school or maybe a little later. I am 63. Anyways, I have moved out of Truckee but still consider it home and am going to be there Oct. Nov Dec. Jan. , in and out of there. Doing some house sitting. I am still sort of thinking of getting an RV for more flexibility. The house sitting is pretty fun tho. In fact I am house sitting in San Miguel De Allende, Mexico for Feb and March. Excited about that !! But, I would also like to work some places , like maybe in a park like you are doing so I am looking for a class B or very small C or even a van conversion as I still will house sit quite a bit. So, don’t need anything big. I am on a super limited budget too so have to be careful with spending. I will look at your blog. Stay in touch ! Maybe we will meet someday.


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