Olympic National park. Washington

I have been to a few National parks this summer , in between house sits. I loved each and every one of them. Some crowded !! Some not so bad.

Going to start with a few photos of Olympic National park. My friend from Reno, Nv. came up and met me and we only had 5 days to camp as I was moving on to another house sit but I really loved Olympic. Very pristine coastline, beautiful raging waterfalls, old growth forest, views that go on forever. Over all it was pristine, beautiful and not so crowded.


These photos above are from Hurricane Ridge. Wow !! When you get there after driving up a very windy road you get these 360 views. I felt like bursting out ” The hills are alive with music “”, you know, the song from Sound of music . It is that beautiful. fullsizeoutput_14d


The next few photos are from 2 beach areas we went to. Ruby beach and 3rd beach. So pristine and not crowded.  Saw some bald eagles overhead. Beautiful day !! Slightly cool and windy but the clouds in the sky made it all the more spectacular.



The last group of photos are from Sol duc waterfalls and up to a lake above the falls. Nice 6 mile round trip hike to Deer lake. Lots of old growth forest.


Olympic National park may seem a bit out of the way to some but I would highly recommend it as a place to spend a week or 2 . Looks like there is a lot of nice back packing for those who want to get out on the trail.  Lots of nice trails for day hikers and beautiful, pristine coastline for beach lovers. We camped at Mora campground which was near the ocean . Very nice spot.

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