My summer House sitting and exploring. Washington on fire !!

I finally got my photos working on my computer after 3 visits with an Apple genius bar. Yea!!

Anyways, I can now post about the summer I had of house sitting and sight seeing. I wrote about my first house sit in Edmonds. Then onto Olympic National park for a few days.

After Olympic National park it was on to a  week long house sit in Monroe with the cute little kitty named Shift. I watched Shift for a week in a very large , nice Motor home that was parked in a lovely park along a river. This cat was a 4 month old main coon and looked like a full grown kitty. Very rambunctious fellow.  But, sweet and loving as well.


While watching Shift I did a day trip to the lovely town of Leavenworth, Washington. It is a Bavarian themed town. Very cute. Lots of flowers all over, Bavarian food, beer, wineries, shops, etc..20170729_154258fullsizeoutput_16e7

After taking care of Shift. I was In-between  house sits and had 3 and a half weeks free. I wanted to see some of the upper cascades in Washington and do some camping and hiking but due to so many fires I did not do any camping in Washington in August. it was so smokey you could not even get out of the car without ash falling all over you. I had a hard time breathing in it so I pushed right on thru what looked like a beautiful area . I decided  after a long day driving to spend the night in Colville,Washington in a hotel as I did not want to camp in the awful smoke !! They just happened to be having a weekend event called Rendevous days with music, vendors ,etc… Looked like some good music so I stayed 2 nights. It was a fun little event. But, the smoke never cleared up.

Well, Montana has been a must see for me with Glacier National park being on my bucket list of places to go. So, hoping for the best as far as clean air, I pushed on. I did however spend one night in Libby , Montana on the way and went to these beautiful waterfalls just out of Libby.  Kootenai falls and swinging bridge. The bridge is not for those who have a fear of heights! It really does swing when you are walking over it.  Beautiful river ! Libby seemed like a very quiet town but an abundance of beauty surrounds it.

Next post will be about Glacier.  In fact the next 2 or 3 posts will be about Glacier. I spent 9 days there and did several hikes, saw lots of wildlife. Beautiful place !

7 thoughts on “My summer House sitting and exploring. Washington on fire !!

  1. I am traveling this week so might be a few days but I am trying to blog more even tho I have very few followers at this point. Ha Ha. When I get better at blogging then I may try to find some more people who are interested in my travels.


  2. Leavenworth WA looks like a lovely place to visit. I look forward to your Glacier postings. We spent a few days there on both east and west sides and I’d love to go back and explore more.


  3. Those are some amazing adventures you went on, Sue. Sorry about the smoke, that sure puts a damper on plans and sightseeing. Glacier NP must have been incredible!!! We plan to visit a few national parks in Utah in between house sits this time. Usually, we only have enough time to quickly get from place A to B, so I hope we can enjoy this upcoming adventure a bit more. 🙂


    1. Hi Liesbet. Utah is beautiful. Zion, Bryce, North rim of Grand Canyon. Grand staircase escelante and several other parks that are beautiful . If you have time do a visit to Best Friends animal society in Kanab, Utah. Great place . Do you know of it ??

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      1. I very much know Best Friends. We are donating to them every month, read the first book about the sanctuary and will adopt our future dogs from them. If we have time, we might swing by, but we are not ready for our own dogs quite yet, so … not sure whether we will be able to resist adopting if we go. 🙂


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