Guadalupe Murals , a neighborhood in San Miguel de allende, Mexico.


San Miguel de allende is an artist town. So full of artists and Musicians. Many are expats. But, just as many are Mexicans. There is a neighborhood in San Miguel de Allende where the mural artists of Mexico come to paint large, beautiful murals on the walls of the buildings.


Walking through the streets of the Colonia Guadalupe in the “dark side” of San Miguel, you feel as if you were in a youthful, indomitable, free art center that explodes and overflows with motivation and all thanks to an initiative taken up by Graffiti World, an organization that has worked very hard not only to transform the aesthetic environment of what previously was considered a dangerous neighborhood, but to ultimately change the social fabric, and the geogaphic location into a “safe place to take a walk”.

There are tours you can take in this neighborhood to learn more about the artists and the history of the Murals. A lady named Colleen does them. Info below.

  • Walking tours every MondayThursdayFriday
    Morning – 10-12:30
    Afternoon – 2-4:30
    Meet on the street in front of Via Organica
    300 pesos per person, no reservations required

    I am very proud of our Muros en Blanco project & I thoroughly enjoy sharing stories of the murals, artists, neighbors & how we all made it happen in 2013, when street art was still not permitted. Since then, more than 100 murals have been painted by local, national & international artists.

    Your participation helps to support the Artist Residence.
    See you on the street !

I never quite got around to taking her tour  however I did a tour of my own one day near the end of my 2 month stay and am so glad I did it. Would have hated to miss out on this beautiful area . Maybe next time I will take Colleen’s tour to learn more about the artists who do the murals.

It is a quite and quaint neighborhood and I just spent the day wandering about. Here are photos of some of the beautiful artwork.



The new restaurant called Chilarillo


New restaurant Chilarillo opened up in Guadalupe. Looked good. Organic and some vegan foods.


There where many more murals then this.  I walked all day looking at them.

I also stopped here for lunch. Great little organic store with cafe. Lucky me, some roaming musicians stopped off to play a couple songs as well.  Via Organica is the name of the market, cafe and it is in Guadalupe .



11 thoughts on “Guadalupe Murals , a neighborhood in San Miguel de allende, Mexico.

    1. It is enchanting. And these are only some of the beautiful murals. Many more. Also lots of art shops, art shows. Truly and artist town.


  1. Hi! I’m Colleen. I started this Muros en Blanco project in 2012. I hope when you visit San Miguel next time, you will join us for the stories about the murals, artists & how we did this & keep it going!
    See you on the street!


    1. I might be in SMA again next winter for 2 months and will definitely come on one of your walks. I am Andi and Mariannes friend. I believe you know them.


  2. Also, to Sue – colonia Guadalupe was never considered a dangerous neighborhood. The reason I started this back in 2013 was to secure permission for legal street art as it was not allowed anywhere in San Miguel previous to 2013. I invited Graffitiworld in 2015 & have been working with them since. They coordinate artists & murals. Like to keep the info correct!
    AND…many of the murals in your photos are now gone & there are new ones. The entire street of Cancion India will be re-painted late January or early February.
    Stay tuned!


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