House sitting in Truckee and Lake Tahoe for most of the summer.

It looks like I will be house sitting in Truckee and Tahoe all summer. Have a few lined up thru most of August with a few days off here and there.

This is fine with me. Truckee ,Ca. is my hometown  and I was gone all last summer house sitting in Washington and Oregon. Then I was house sitting for 2 months this winter in San Miguel De Allende, Mexico. . I missed Truckee in the summer. Did not miss it so much in winter. It is one of the best places to be in summer. Beautiful weather with a lot of outdoor activities . There are  Lakes, rivers, hiking , swimming , and tons of free music in the summer.  I may do a post on just the music that goes on here and several on hiking trails in the area. Of course if you are big into skiing or boarding then it is also a great place in winter !! Winter is beautiful , however I am finding a break from the snow to be very nice !!

Truckee is a small town in the high Sierras at an elevation of 5800 with a population of around 16,000. Here is an article about Truckee being named coolest ski town.


Here are some photos of the beauty that surrounds Truckee.

Lake Tahoe is just a short 12 miles from Truckee. Lake Tahoe in photos below .

So yeah ! House sitting in Tahoe and Truckee cant be to bad. Can it !

Here are just some of the pets I take care of in Truckee and  Tahoe.


San Miguel De Allende is a Romantic town with many weddings, and engagements.

San Miguel De Allende is the wedding capitol of Mexico or so I have heard. I believe it too.

Every weekend in the Jardin which is the center of town there seems to be a few weddings going on. And engagements. I saw many engagements and weddings. The weddings usually involve the whole party parading thru town with mariachis in tow and sometimes large dancing people, donkeys carrying tequila for the wedding party, etc..

Mariachis play every night at the Jardin in San Miguel . On weekends there will be several different groups of musicians playing and many times you will see a proposal going on with the man on his knees offering the engagement ring while mariachis play in the back ground.