House sit in Atascadero with visits to the coast.

I recently did a 2 week house sit in Atascadero which is small  city in San Luis Obispo county in central California. Atascadero is a beautiful farming region with  rolling hills,  wineries and only 20 miles from the  central California coastline which includes the charming little towns like Morro bay, Cambria, Cayucos and  one can also visit Hearst castle. The larger town of San Luis Obispo, and beach town of Pismo beach are nearby as well.

My first house sit with horses. One mini named Little O , and another horse named Hot shot, as well as Doozle the goat , 2 cats, rabbits, chickens and Tank the tortoise. Sweet little farm with a garden, and fun assortment of animals.  Deer every morning in the yards surrounding the property. I really enjoyed this house sit. Enjoyed the animals, the farm, and seeing this beautiful area.

While in Atascadero , I went wine tasting Photo Editor-20181011_172657.jpgHiking Photo Editor-20181011_172408.jpgTo the Harbor festival in Morro Bay, The pumpkin festival in Cambria, and colony days festival in AtascaderoPhoto Editor-20181103_212909.jpgPhoto Editor-20181018_204521.jpgPhoto Editor-20181018_204251.jpgPhoto Editor-20181009_153240.jpgWent to Montano de Oro  state park which is beautiful. Here are some photos of Montana de oro and Morro bay.

Zebras on Hearst castle property. Mr Hearst used to have a private zoo. 

Photo Editor-20181009_153327

P1040409P1040424Photo Editor-20181009_153041Photo Editor-20181103_212657P1040531P1040525

The hills around Atascadero 

I took quite a few trips to the coast as it was only a 25 minute drive. Really Loved Morro bay which is still a quaint little fishing town and Cayucos which is a funky little surfing town.  Cambria is a small town that is charming with lots of shops and restaurants. A bit more upscale then Morro bay and Cayucos.

Saw some beautiful sunsets at Morro bay. P1040494.jpgP1040501.jpgP1040498.jpgP1040510.jpg

I had a great time  in Atascadero and hope to go back to housesit for Chris and Sharon again next year if possible.

A lot to do and see in this area.

9 thoughts on “House sit in Atascadero with visits to the coast.

  1. What an incredible place to housesit, looks amazing. Not sure we could handle so many animals though. We tend to stick with single dogs or cats. You are so brave to take on horses.


    1. Yes Jonno, I usually try to take one pet , preferably a cat when I am doing the THS ones, but I also get a lot of paid sits and will take care of any and all . Charge a little more for the multiple pets. The horses where easier then I thought they would be. Feed twice a day, scoop up poo twice a day and maybe brush once in awhile. Now I have horse experience which is great !!

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      1. Good for you, more experience means more opportunities doesn’t it? And paid sits sound interesting, we’ve never done any paid ones. How do you organise those?


      2. I started that way in my home town. I never even heard of people house sitting for free till after I heard of THS and then only do them part of the year so I can travel someplace new. I am now getting many of my house sits from word of mouth. I also know all the vets in my hometown so advertised some thru them. Sometimes I even pick up ones away from home who are friends or relatives of people I already house sat for or people I know who moved away. I have actually been doing some pet sitting on and off for many years.

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  2. What a wonderful house sit! The animals look like so much fun. I can understand why they need a house sitter to take care of all of them. And that photo of the sunset in your header is AMAZING.


  3. Your pictures are wonderful. I especially liked the one with the zebras and cattle together. What a beautiful area to house sit in!


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