Truckee, California.

Well, where do I start.  Truckee is my home town. I moved here when I was 20 years old from the big city of Los Angeles. Never did like city living and I always knew I would live in the mountains one day. Moved here with my friend Sandy who I met while working at Sequoia National park.

Truckee was a very small town in 1975 when we moved here. Population about 3,000. Still small but population is more around 15,000 now . With tons of tourists. Yes, Truckee is a tourist town, not far from San Francisco Bay Area. Why is it such a tourist town? Skiing, hiking, lakes, rivers, river rafting, camping, great music, especially in summer, great restaurants, arts shops, etc.. Lots to do for the outdoor type person. Lake Tahoe is 15 minutes away. It is an area of great beauty. I love it here and I also Love the feeling of community that we have in Truckee. The kind of place where you know a lot of people and people are always helping each other out. 

The downfalls of living in Truckee? Cost of living is very high. I know many will say, well, so it is here as well. But, in Truckee everything is a bit more. Like gas averages around $4.00 a gallon consistently. Food cost more. Rent is high if you are lucky to find a place to rent.  The other downfall would be the massive amount of tourists we get now. And one last downfall would be the snow! It snows a lot in Truckee . Of course that would not be a downfall if you are into skiing, or boarding. In fact many people move here for the snow. And it is beautiful. nothing like fresh snow and blue skies !

I will do some more postings about Truckee but for now here are some photos of Truckee, Ca. and surrounding area. 

soda springs
Snow at the Soda Springs post office. Pretty much buried.
Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe
Donner Lake in Truckee
Donner lake
Truckee River

I will leave you with this

8 thoughts on “Truckee, California.

  1. Wow. The beauty of the place might make up for the cost of living. Around here if you live in a beautiful place there likely aren’t any jobs to support you. So we all live NEAR beautiful places. But $4 a gallon for gas is a bit (a lot) too much. I paid 1.94 yesterday, which is low even for us. It runs more like $2.25 a gallon for the past year or so. When it gets up over $3 here we all freak. Still….can’t beat those views of yours…


    1. Yes, the gas price is generally .50 or more a gallon cheaper in Reno which is 35 miles from here. They say that it cost more here because the trucks have to haul it in over Donner pass. But, lots of other towns are difficult to get to as well. Anyways, groceries are higher as well, for same reason. There are lots of Jobs here but the problem there is no work force housing. Very few rentals and high prices for what there is.


  2. Hey there, I see my comment resonated. 😉 Yes, just about every area that used to be respite from the rat race is slowly becoming like everywhere else, unfortunately…and it all points to overpopulation. Which is why I can appreciate when people who live in small communities fight to keep it that way….like the area of Maine I still plan to move to…and hope that it doesn’t become developed like some of its surrounding areas. Everywhere has it’s pros and cons and we just have to decide which outweighs the other. I am so glad I got to see your section of the world…Truckee and Sierraville are beautiful pockets!


      1. I know it is a tourist town. Didn’t learn that from you. However you also hit town on a bad weekend. Due to the biggest fire in all of California history going on in the valley below us. And the fact that they had Hazard warnings in all of the Bay Area and the Sacramento valley due to the thick smoke, tons of people came to the mountains to breath. We are only 1 and half hr from the fire. It is now out but 14,000 homes burnt down, 86 people died and a whole town burnt down. The only times it is as busy in Truckee is like 4th of July, New Years week and a few holiday weekends. It was a very unusualy busy weekend. Also, you did not realy see Truckee. Or experrience some of the wonderful, and quite areas of Truckee. Unfortunately. Truckee and surrounding areas have a lot of quiet pockets that you would have enjoyed if you had more time for me to show you. Truckee is a tourist town for a reason. People love it here. I love it here and even tho I get tired of the tourists sometimes , it is not enough to make me want to live elsewhere. Well, at least I have not found that other perfect place as of yet.


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