Ireland. The lost photos !

While in Ireland , my friends and I did an amazing hike. Beautiful location near Dingle . Where this hike was exactly , I can not say. Mainly because we could not seem to find the hike we were looking for but ended up here instead and it may have even been the hike we were looking for. It started out going thru a farm and then basically following a sheep trail up and up. The views when we got to the top made it all worth while !!! And the bonus of being in some old ruins.

While looking thru photos I had deleted this day of photos but recently was able to retrieve them off my camera card. A lesson to anyone out there who thinks they have deleted photos on the card. Do not use the card anymore!! The photos are still there . You need to download a program to find them. I was so happy to find these photos because as you will see here. It was an amazing day.

And you can see why I LOVE Ireland so much. Well, besides the natural beauty of the island, the people are so friendly and the music is fabulous !!

And here a few parting shots of Dingle and the Dingle peninsula. Fabulous Dingle. Love that colorful little town !

The stunning Dingle peninsula.