More of Scotland

I just happened to be in Scotland for a Highland games event at Gordon Castle.

This was a real treat .

A couple of my friends I met up with in Ireland came to Portnockie for a couple days and we headed up to Gordon castle for the games. They had food, gin and whiskey tasting, crafts, raptor demos, bagpipe parades, music, and the games. We really enjoyed the bagpipe parade and the games the most. Watching all the strongmen throwing heavy items was a new experience for me. And I loved the parade of musicians with bagpipes and drums.

Below the photos of the game are more photos out and about around Portnockie, Scotland. The whole coastline up and down from Portnockie is just amazingly beautiful.

I did a day tour to Isle of Skye after leaving Portnockie and spending a couple of days in Inverness. I enjoyed Inverness , however it rained most of the time I was there. The day of the tour to Skye was rainy but not so bad. Still enjoyed it . Our tour bus driver was a wealth of information. Here are some photos of Isle of Skye.

Will be doing a post on Edinburgh next. Hopefully soon. I have not been doing much blogging lately but still have lots to blog about !!! Summer in Tahoe, music festivals, hiking in Tahoe. Enjoy these photos of beautiful Scotland.