Housesitting in St. George Utah and visit to Snow Canyon state park.

I recently had a 10 day house sit in St. George , Utah.  Well, actually the house was about 20 – 25 miles out of St. George closer to a town called Vejo. Vejo is very small and known for its pie store !

Famous pie store in Vejo

The house that I house sat at was out in the country and in a very beautiful location. The setting was so nice with a big back yard complete with lounge chairs and a hot tub overlooking the river. I took care of 3 very quirky dogs. Why do I say quirky?? All elderly and deaf. 4 cats live here as well although I did not see much of one who is feral. The dogs are Scooter who is lying next to the cats, Reese the herding mix and Mr Bean , the little black one.  Mr Bean was very demanding and would bark when he wanted something such as outside, inside, on couch , off couch, on bed, off bed and especially when he wanted his breakfast at around 5:00 a.m !!! If he weren’t so incredibly cute, he could be a royal pain. However, his cuteness won me over. Reese was the only one who I could take on walks. He and I walked several times to the reservoir which was a 3 mile round trip walk and around the neighborhood . The setting here was so lovely, I never felt the need to go into town (St. George) except for once to pick up my groceries for the stay. I did however, go to Snow Canyon State park twice and what a treat that place is !!!

Image 11-29-18 at 5.52 PM
Scooter with 2 of the 4 cats , Reese, Mr Bean
Image 11-29-18 at 5.37 PM
Beautiful home in the country
wild turkeys come thru the yard most every day.
Photo Editor-20181104_205157
walking to the reservoir with Reese

Snow Canyon State Park is a state park of Utah, USA, featuring a canyon carved from the red and white Navajo sandstone in the Red Mountains. The park is located near Ivins, Utah and St. George in Washington.

Snow canyon state park was just a few miles from the house and a beautiful place to hike. I went there twice and spent all day wandering around its colorful rocks.


one hike I went on in a canyon was tough walking due to a sand floor much like walking on the beach only not firm from the water.


Lots of lava rocks as well as sandstone.


All in all , I really enjoyed this house sit , the area, the house and the quirky pets.